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Interactive e-learning designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to help guide your athletes.

“Calling all coaches – use your influence to inspire the next generation of clean athletes.”
Amanda Hudson, UKAD Head of Education and Athlete Support

Updated to accommodate changes in the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code, Coach Clean is the easy-to-follow e-learning course for coaches who want to know more about clean sport and understand their own responsibilities with regard to anti-doping. Endorsed by UK Coaching – the central agency for coaching in the UK – it’s the only anti-doping course available in the UK that relates to the coach’s role. Coach Clean now includes an assessment that requires re-taking every 2-years to ensure that coaches knowledge is current and well informed.

Who is it for?

All coaches, whether at the grass-roots or elite level of sport. Coach Clean is for coaches with no previous knowledge, to those who have worked in clean sport previously and will help clarify your own role in anti-doping and clean sport. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to:

  • find out more about the main changes in the 2015 Code and how they impact on you
  • download top tips to help you support your athletes to adopt a clean sport lifestyle
  • download a useful guide on the testing procedure for urine and blood, which you can give to your athletes

Plus, following the assessment you’ll be able to print out a certificate confirming you have completed the course and assessment.

Please be aware that you only have two attempts to pass this assessment and if you are unsuccessful in both attempts there is a 7-day "cooling off" period to reflect and recap on the learning modules to prepare you for your re-assessment.

If you have failed both attempts, you will need to contact UKAD to request a further attempt during this period.

There is no additional cost to keep taking the assessment.


What will you learn?

The videos, challenging scenarios, real-life examples and assessment will help you:

  • support clean sport
  • improve your understanding of anti-doping and what this means for coaches and athletes
  • better prepare athletes for testing
  • explain the wide-reaching consequences of an anti-doping rule violation
  • promote clean sport in your own coaching environment.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Coach Clean e-Learning Certificate.

Coach Clean
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